mirandaMiranda, an adorable town with about 350 residents, is home to the local middle school and high school (Southern Humboldt Unified School District and South Fork High School). An alternative school (Osprey) rests on the property of the old Miranda Junior High.

Some say the town was named by a former post mistress and was the hub of over 50 logging operations up until the 1950s.

Discover Miranda for yourself! Take a walk to the river, do some shopping, have lunch, visit the galleries. It’s a great place to stop on your trip through the avenue.

Miranda Highlights

Miranda Gardens Resort (lodging)
6766 Ave of the Giants
Miranda, CA
(707) 943-3011

Miranda Market (grocery)
6798 Ave of the Giants
Miranda, CA
(707) 943-1927

Avenue Cafe (restaurant)
6743 Ave of the Giants
Miranda, CA
(707) 943-9945

US Post Office
6723 California 254
Miranda, CA
(707) 943-3571