Avenue of the Giants Questions & Answers

Questions From Our Visitors

What’s the weather like this time of year?

Great question!  We’ve set up a Weather page showing the typical temperature and rainfall, month-by-month, as well as a 7-day forecast.

Are dogs allowed on the trails?

No, pets are not allowed on any of the trails.  Pets are only allowed on paved areas – roads, parking lots, and paved paths within the campgrounds.

Are there tolls or fees on the Avenue of the Giants?

No, the Avenue is a public highway, and the trails are on state park land; there are no access fees.  There are fees for parking in some areas, as well as fees for camping.

How big are the redwoods?

A redwood can grow to be almost 400 feet tall!  The tallest living redwood, located in Redwood National Park, is 379 feet.

The biggest tree along the Avenue of the Giants is called (appropriately) the Giant Redwood.  It stands 354 feet tall and is 53.2 feet in circumference.  You can see this tree on the Bull Creek Flats trail.

You’ll see many trees along the Avenue of the Giants that are over 200 feet.

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